Company History:

The company Stein P Sport was founded in 1978 by Lars Stein Poulsen.
Lars was then a young, entrepreneurial and energetic coach for various division clubs in East Jutland, thereby gaining the interest and the desire to import badminton equipment himself. He contacted various companies around Europe and the East, thus initiating cooperation on badminton products, and the company Stein P Sport was founded.


Stein P Sport had a start to house in the parents' garage, but here the place became quick too tight. Lars subsequently invested in a villa with associated storage facilities, from which the company developed explosive speed over the next few years to the company today known as Stein P Sport Ltd.

Innovativity and forward-thinking as well as more than 40 years of experience have resulted in the company today being one of the many preferred suppliers in the Danish market for rackets, clothes, feather shuttlecocks and other badminton gear. At Stein P Sport, we are constantly at the forefront of development through close cooperation with professional badminton players and coaches.

Our equipment is continuously exposed to extensive testing, so the products meet the high standards of both players and resellers at home and abroad.

The above is one of many contributing factors to the fact that today, the company can live up to its goal of providing a high standard of quality, functionality, design and a class-based service - all in all, something that makes a difference.

Welcome to Stein P Sport A / S - Lars Stein Poulsen

At Stein P Sport, the shuttles is tested continuously, ensuring your club a stable ball throughout the season. As a badminton shuttlecock is a natural product, it is very important that the clubs follow our recommendations on moisture treatment, so that an optimal final result can be achieved. Stein P Sport provides humidity end caps which gives up to 50% better durability - see further at

Trainer and Player Team:
Our coaches as well as players team are carefully selected to meet Stein P Sports high standards of quality. Through their participation in courses, conferences, national and international tournaments, they are constantly updated on the latest developments in all game facet technology leg work tactics and last but not least the mental aspect.

For more than 40 years, Stein P Sport has collaborated with some of the world's leading chain manufacturers. Our program of rackets always contains the latest materials and is continuously tested before being put into production. Our range includes a variety of different models, so something for everyone. Whether you're a hard-hitting player, a technician, an athlete or an elite player, Stein P is deliverable. has existed since 2000. We were thus the first company to bring badminton products online. We currently deliver to both private, clubs and sports stores.

At we strive to provide you with the best service and not least the best prices. Therefore, you can create a profile and sign up for our newsletter and save money on your purchases.

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Stein P Sport A / S -

Lars Stein Poulsen

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